Monday’s History Lesson: Columbus Day Parade

Although it became a Federal holiday in 1937, the Columbus Citizens Foundation has been organizing parades in New York City to commemorate the accomplishments of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus since 1929.  Before our Federal government decided to set the observance of Columbus’ accomplishments for the second Monday in October, the state of Colorado had officially been celebrating Columbus day for 27 years, since 1907!

Here in New York, however, we have one of the biggest celebrations, spearheaded by our large Italian-American population.  This huge celebration that runs along 5th Ave from 44th to 72nd Sts had humble beginnings involves upwards of 35,000 marchers per year.  According to the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation, “On October 12, 1929, New York City businessman and Italian immigrant Generoso Pope led a parade from East Harlem down to Columbus Circle for the very first time.”  Since then, the parade has grown to involve millions of marchers and spectators over the years, and proceeds from ceremonies go towards the advancement of Italian-American students.

If you had the day off, we hope you were able to enjoy the 68th Annual Columbus Day Parade in New York City!

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All aboard the City Connections cocktail cruise!

From the Grateful Dead to spin classes, City Connections CEO David Schlamm loves sharing his passions with the rest of the team. But until very recently, most agents and staff had only heard about his love of sailing. On September 6, David chartered a 145-foot luxury yacht for a cocktail cruise with agents, staff, and other City Connections’ business associates. (Don’t worry, Captain Schlamm left the sailing to the professionals!)

The group sailed the Hudson and East Rivers aboard the Atlantica and enjoyed dancing, hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, and incredible views of the NYC skyline and Statue of Liberty.

“I wanted to do something for everyone now, instead of waiting for a standard holiday party,” David said. “I thought this was the perfect time…not only for a celebration, but to show my appreciation for them, too.”

The cruise was such an amazing experience that it may become the next City Connections tradition. Anchors aweigh!

Check out more cruise photos on our Facebook page!

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I LINK NY: September 10, 2012

What’s the second most expensive place to live in the U.S.? It’s not San Francisco anymore. It’s Brooklyn!

Check out these 10 things you didn’t know were covered by renter’s insurance. (Isn’t it about time you got some?)

Don’t make these five common emotional mistakes when buying a home.

NYC parents, take note: 10 smart ideas for a small indoor play space.

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The Real Deal names City Connections one of NYC’s best firms to work for!

We’re always thrilled to be in The Real Deal, but we’re especially proud of our latest mention as one of NYC’s best real estate firms to work for!

City Connections was recognized for its unique bonding activities. Here’s an excerpt:

Forget happy hour at your local watering hole: For City Connections brokers, bonding sessions start with discount exercise classes and tributes to the Grateful Dead.

Company founder David Schlamm has paid for tickets to see Dark Star Orchestra, a 15-year-old group that re-creates Grateful Dead concerts right down to historical set lists. About 29 City Connections agents caught the band at a recent show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg.

Schlamm also sponsors a monthly Spin N’ Salad night, featuring a private spinning class at the New York Health & Racquet Club, followed by a dinner of salad and frozen yogurt.

About 15 agents have participated, and Schlamm said his thrice-weekly spinning classes have helped him lose 35 pounds. “I hope to lead by example for anyone who wants to get healthy,” he said.

We were also mentioned as both a top high-split-commission firm and a firm with its own listings database.

Interested in working at City Connections? Learn more about us!

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New York Ditty: “Un Verano en Nueva York” by El Gran Combo

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what about a song?

Each week, we’ll be sharing different music dedicated to NYC. Today’s song is a lively salsa tribute to summer in New York. That said, we’re ready for fall!

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I LINK NY: September 4, 2012

From Sex and the City to Friends to Seinfeld, the crazy floorplans of some of TV’s most unrealistic homes.

You were told common charges before you bought your condo, but now they’re higher. So what gives, and what can you do about it?

Interesting trend: Some creative businesses are opting for retail storefronts instead of normal office spaces. Can you guess why?

Here lives the bride. More and more NYC couples are getting married in their NYC apartment buildings.

(Image via BuzzFeed)

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New York Ditty: “Manhattan” by Ella Fitzgerald

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what about a song?

Each week, we’ll be sharing different music dedicated to NYC. Today’s song is about moving to New York with your love and living happily ever after. It romanticizes everything about the city – from the subway to baloney on a roll.

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I LINK NY: August 27, 2012

Let’s talk about some unique apartment buying situations in NYC. 1) The risks of buying into a condo or co-op conversion and 2) what to know before buying a pre-construction apartment.

Where there’s a door, there’s some storage. Here are 15 brilliant over-the-door storage options.

Good news: This NYC real estate expert says the market’s the best it’s been since 2007!

(Image via Downtown Life)

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I LINK NY: August 13, 2012

What’s next – the Chrysler Building? The top floors of the Woolworth Building are being turned into luxury apartments.

Manhattan rental vacancies are higher than normal right now. Why? Because so are the rents!

What one woman learned about buying in NYC…after viewing over 150 apartments.

Trust us, don’t do this! The biggest mistakes made by sellers and their brokers:

(Image via The New York Times)

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New York Ditty: “Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what about a song?

Each week, we’ll be sharing different music dedicated to NYC. Today’s song compares an irritating, difficult person to crosstown traffic. Pretty apt, huh?

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