Schlamm Dunk: June 2012

It’s June!

This summer’s going to be a time of big changes. At City Connections, we’ve introduced a new 100% business model with no desk fees to take away any fear agents may have about paying desk fees on our current 90% plan. Agents still get all the same services and support. So far, the response has been tremendously positive. A week after our announcement, we hired five new agents. I expect hiring to continue as word gets out.

Another big change this summer: My daughter Emma’s starting college! At the end of August, the Schlamm family will be heading to Ireland to help her get settled in Dublin, where she’ll be studying her first semester. Emma will be back in the states at Franklin & Marshall College in the spring. I’m proud and very excited for my firstborn. Still, it’s nerve-wracking and bittersweet when kids leave the nest. This is all new to us!

NYC rentals are at an all-time high right now, almost like the insane valuations we saw in Internet stocks back in the late 1990s. With a vacancy rate under 1% right now, not as many transactions can happen. But City Connections is as busy as it is lucky. Not only do we list many rental properties; we also have experienced agents.

So June is about work, growth, and changes. But I don’t want to work so hard that I forget to look around and appreciate the good things while they’re happening. I think we can all benefit from the occasional slowing down. My favorite spot for it: Out on the water in my boat.

Have a productive, happy start of the summer!

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