New Year’s Resolutions for NYC: International Edition

It’s a new year in NYC. We’re looking forward to public works that’ll make this city even greater. In 2012, Alta Bike Share will bring a public bike system to the Big Apple, allowing New Yorkers to easily trade their legs for a pair of wheels. Cities including London, Boston, and Montreal are already on board, so it’s about time.

Here are a few other quirky ideas from all over the world that we’d love to see adopted by NYC.

1) A musical ATM:

It’s an ATM. It’s a pipe organ. It’s art! Originally created for the Venice Biennale, the organ plays a tune each time a person enters his or her pin number, so no two songs are alike. Rumor has it that the longer the tune, the more money in a person’s account. We don’t need musical ATMs everywhere, but it might be fun to have one at Union Square.

(Image via The New York Times)

2) Slides to the subway:

This idea from the Dutch might help New Yorkers have a little more fun. Besides, escalators and elevators break down.

(Image via The Pop-Up City)

3) Storage lockers at subway stations:

Japan has an impressive transit system with more frequent trains and stops than NYC, not to mention better broadcasting of train arrival times and train routes. This technology’s tricky to implement, but subway station storage lockers might not be too hard. (Well, besides figuring out where to put them.) They’re great for locking away items of various sizes, instead of schlepping them all over town.

(Image via

4) X-ray murals:

In Budapest, a group of artists called Merge Visible recreates the layouts and design blueprints of old buildings that are now abandoned. Sometimes it’s nice to be on the outside, looking in.

(Image via Colossal)

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