Decorating with paint swatches

Paint is the easiest, least expensive way to update a room. But it looks like you don’t even have to grab a brush to transform your apartment with color. Check out these DIY paint swatch projects.

1) Paint swatch wallpaper:

(Photo via Design*Sponge)

2) Paint swatch framed art:

(Photo via the 3 R’s blog)

3) Paint swatch chandelier:

(Photo via Hey Gorgeous. Click link for instructions.)

4) Paint swatch gallery:

(Photo via Young House Love)

5) Paint swatch tapestry:

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

If you’re worried about the ethics of depleting a store of its free paint swatches, you can probably buy a book of them for less than $20.

Would you try any of these projects at home?

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    Decorating with paint swatches | City Connections

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